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  • How Do I Clean My Makeup Removal + Toning Pads

    HOW DO I CLEAN THEM? We like to use a few and then pop them into our Drawstring Washbag, and add to the washing machine with a cool, brights laund...
  • How We Package Your Order

    When shipping orders we do our best to pack them in the most sustainable way possible
  • How Our Local Free Delivery Works

    Once a month (usually around mid month) we offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY of our reusable cotton rounds 🚛. Keep an eye on our Instagram account, then m...
  • Local Creatives: Suné Parris of Susanna Petronella Art

    I have always struggled with my skin, and because of that I am very careful of what I use. Using Daily Peach face rounds gives me more control of what my face is exposed to.
  • Local Creatives: Nqobile Msibi of WeSit

    I have very sensitive skin so when it comes to skincare I keep things very simple to avoid any reactions so Daily Peach is right up my alley when it comes to face wipes thanks to it’s organic nature. As an outdoor adventure lover and someone who loves children it also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly so every time I use the wipes I’ll know that I’m not contributing to the degradation of the environment which we all need for many years and generations to come.
  • Product Feature: Fairlady July 2020

    Daily Peach Medium Cotton Makeup Removal + Toning Pads were featured in the July 2020 issue of Fairlady. The products were featured in an article about Zero Waste Living with 8 EASY SWAPS FOR A GREENER LIFESTYLE
    Pick up a copy of the July Fairlady at most grocery stores within South Africa. 
  • Local Creatives: Claudia D'Agnolo Couture

    For my skincare I absolutely LOVE my Daily Peach products. I use them every morning and every evening as part of my daily cleansing routine. They are just so wonderfully soft, especially the Bamboo face-rounds, and the Cotton face-rounds are perfect for that extra touch of exfoliation.
  • Click & Collect

    You can choose to collect your order from our Paarden Eiland warehouse free of charge. Simply select "Pick Up" at checkout and we'll usually have your order ready within 24 hours. 
  • How Do I Clean My Makeup Removal + Toning Pads?

    We like to use a few and then pop them into our Drawstring Washbag, and add to the washing machine with a cool, brights laundry load. Some people like to wash them in the sink straight after use with hand soap or shampoo. Whichever way you choose, leave them to dry flat or hang from the tag ready for the next use. 
  • Switching to Reusables in a Time of Crisis

    Here are five reusable products you'll use time and time again: Menstrual Products You can save up to 29 products per menstrual cycle from endi...
  • Cost + Impact: Disposable Wet Wipes & Cotton Rounds

    With global efforts to reduce single use plastic consumption gaining momentum, wet wipes and "cotton" rounds / balls are the next target on the list of no-go items.
  • Microbeads: The Skin Exfoliant, Planet Pollutant

    Microbeads may be small, but they are causing huge problems for our environment and our health. These tiny pieces of plastic used in some ...