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  • Microbeads: The Skin Exfoliant, Planet Pollutant

    Microbeads may be small, but they are causing huge problems for our environment and our health. These tiny pieces of plastic used in some ...
  • Microfibers: Small Plastics, Big Problem

    When thinking about you closet and its contents, turn to all your clothing made of acrylic, nylon, and polyester. These are your fleeces, underwear, swimming costumes, product free facecloths and loved leggings. Every time you wash these synthetic fabrics, millions of microfibers are released into the water system. 
  • Which plastics can really be recycled?

    Plastics may be advertised as a recyclable product but many types of plastic are difficult to reuse. Small amounts of food waste can also contaminate large amounts of recyclable material rendering them useless. 

    Our Daily Peach Makeup Removal + Toning Pads are a great replacement for polyester wet wipes and cotton balls or pads (many of which are plastic fibre blends).

  • Tired-Eye Rooibos Treatment for Sparkling Peepers

    Here's a Tired-Eye Rooibos Treatment to get your eyes sparkling, with all these long summer nights ahead we're prepping and recovering with a cold rooibos tea treatment on our tired, red eyes.
  • We're live

    We're live! It's been months in the making and our team has been crocheting non-stop. Our washable Makeup Removal + Toning Pads and Draw String Wash Bags are now available online 🍑
  • Is Bamboo Sustainable?

    The fastest growing grass has made it's mark as an eco-friendly crop.
    Bamboo is having it's well deserved moment in the spotlight. Given all the buzz words surrounding this plant, just how sustainable is bamboo?
  • Sustainable Swaps on a Budget: Reusable Cotton Pads

    Eco Age recently wrote an article on budget friendly sustainable swaps, included in the list were reusable face rounds for makeup removal and toning.