Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reusable makeup removal + toning pad?

They are ultra gentle washcloths, very effective at makeup removal, cleansing, and toning and they last for hundreds of uses.

What do they replace?

Daily Peach Makeup Removal + Toning Pads replace washcloths, facecloths, microfibre makeup removers, disposable cotton balls, rounds, pads, facial wipes, cleansing wipes and wet wipes. 

Why are there different colours + compositions?

We chose the Peach and Silver Green colours from a local yarn supplier because they fall in so beautifully with our branding. 

These colours both easily release red lipsticks and dark smokey eye makeup, avoiding stains. 

The cotton (Peach) makeup removal, cleansing and toning pads are brilliant cleansers and exfoliators. They're also fantastic longwear makeup removers. 

Our bamboo (Silver Green) pads are super gentle on sensitive areas, like around the eyes, for example. This makes them perfect for removing eye makeup and applying toner. 

How do I use them?

There are loads of options!  You can use them to wipe off cleanser with warm water or massage cleanser into your face. Apply  makeup remover  and use them to remove  eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, as well as other makeup. You can also use them to apply toner to your skin and remove masks or just about any other treatment, cream or oil. 

Most of the time our pads are used in the place of washcloths, face cloths, cotton balls, cotton rounds, microfibre makeup removers or wet wipes. We've even used them to remove nail polish in a pinch, but we do not recommend it.

They're also great at removing eyeshadow from brushes. Simply sweep the bristles across a dry makeup removal pad. The cotton ones work best for this.

What products can I use with them?

All cleansers, toners, soaps, gels, oils, creams, balms, micellar waters, makeup removers, astringents and face masks can be used with them - almost anything skincare related.

How do I clean them?

We like to use a few and then pop them into our Drawstring Washbag, and add to the washing machine with a cool, brights laundry load. Some people like to wash them in the sink straight after use with hand soap or shampoo. Whichever way you choose, leave them to dry flat or hang from the tag ready for the next use. 

We strongly recommend washing your makeup removal, cleansing or toning pad after each use. We're of the firm belief that cleansing your face with dirty cloths is a terrible idea. 

Some people get by with just one set of pads. We generally keep enough around to last between loads of laundry. They are, however, designed to be easy to clean and fast drying. 

How long will my Daily Peach pads last?

The truth is, we're not sure. We're still using prototypes from 2016. Easily 300+ uses but we're sure they'll be in your skincare routine for years to come.

Can I recycle them?

No, you cannot recycle the pads but please do compost them! Cut the pads into tiny pieces and add them to your compost or Bokashi Bin.

Are they good for travelling?

YES! We love to travel with them. They're much softer than scratchy hotel face cloths and you won't run out. The Daily Peach Makeup Removal + Toning Pads substitute for wipes, cotton balls and swabs in your bag. You can bring along just one set, wash after each use and hang to dry. 

How does Click & Collect work? 

Collections are from our shared office space with TDC&Co in Paarden Eiland. For more information about the collection location and process click here

How do Pre-orders work?

Get early access to new products, securing must-have and limited edition items before they sell out. Once your order is placed, we will deliver it to you as soon as it’s available.

Look for items marked ‘PRE-ORDER’ and simply add the products you love to your Shopping Bag and proceed to Checkout as usual.

Pre-ordered products will be shipped to you as soon as it they become available. Look in the product description for availability dates. As soon as your pre-ordered item has been sent, you’ll receive an email with the tracking details, so you know when to expect it.

Please note that when purchasing a pre-order piece, any currently available products in your Shopping Bag won’t be shipped until the pre-order is ready to be sent. If you’d prefer to receive any items sooner, we’d suggest placing a separate order.


Where do you ship to?

Shipping within South Africa is R99 unless discounted or covered by shipping promotions. This is a door to door service. Delivery usually takes 2-3 days. We also offer a Postnet to Postnet option for R99. 

International shipping is based on shipping zones provided by our carrier. Usually taking 3-5 days from shipment. Note: Import duties and taxes might apply on deliveries to certain regions. We send parcels "duties unpaid" from South Africa and we do not have control of these charges. 


This order is a gift, can I add a card? 

Of course! Our cards are by the artist Susanna Petronella, all you need to do is email us through the contact form or add the message to your order notes.