Local Creatives: Claudia D'Agnolo Couture

Claudia D'Agnolo Couture

Born to Italian parents, I grew up in Johannesburg, but have always had a heartfelt connection to my Italian heritage. My family life and frequent trips to Italy instilled a love of art, design and fashion. In 2017 I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design from Villioti Institute, and then studied my Masters at Istituto Marangoni in London. 

Since my graduation last year I’ve moved back to Joburg and I’ve set up my own brand, Claudia D'Agnolo Couture specialising in Bridal Wear and Couture. As a fashion designer I’m passionate in my approach to emphasise elegant & delicate design details, always trying to embrace my Italian style aesthetic.

Within my business I’m also currently researching ways in which I can be more sustainable, from fabrics to manufacturing and distribution. Particularly in the couture fashion sector it’s difficult to be sustainable, and I hope this will be enforced in the near future, definitely in my business but also in the fashion industry as a whole. 

Daily Peach Medium Cotton And Bamboo makeup Removal and Toning Pads

For my skincare I absolutely LOVE my Daily Peach products. I use them every morning and every evening as part of my daily cleansing routine. They are just so wonderfully soft, especially the Bamboo face-rounds, and the Cotton face-rounds are perfect for that extra touch of exfoliation.

The product I’m currently using is an Australian, vegan brand called ‘Sukin’. They offer a wide variety of products. Since I have rather delicate skin, I love the pink cleansing gel which I use morning and evening. Twice a week I use the pore refining Facial Scrub, and about once every 10 days I do the Anti-Pollution Facial Masque.

The combination of these products together with my Daily Peach rounds is just fantastic! Both are environmentally friendly, and I think it is truly important to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, and despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 crisis, I hope it has taught us many lessons that we will carry forward and enforce in the future. 

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