How We Listed On Takealot

We're on! 
It's taken us a little longer than expected and here is why...
In order to meet their warehousing requirements, protect our products + barcode them correctly we'd have to either put each tin into a plastic bag or it's own tiny box 👀. We're now cutting mini boxes from otherwise scrap card (mostly boxes collected from Wine Tonight around the corner).
Each box is done by hand, folded and closed with our fully recyclable paper tape. They may look a little funky and they're definitely not perfect but they do the job! Your tin of Makeup Removal + Toning Pads is tucked safely inside 🧡💚

When shipping orders of your reusable cotton pads we do our best to pack them in the most sustainable way possible.

Our cardboard boxes are reused, we collect boxes and either remake them into smaller boxes or use them as they are 📦

Our paper tape is easily recycled along with the box. Did you know that traditional plastic packing tape should be removed from cardboard before the box can be recycled? ♻️  We use recycled tissue paper to pack the box and protect the tin of Daily Peach Makeup Removal & Toning Pads.

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