Local Creatives: Nqobile Msibi of WeSit

Local Creatives: Nqobile Msibi from WeSit


Hi! I’m Nqobile the co-founder and CEO of WeSit, your friendly on-demand babysitting agency which quickly connects parents with loving, trusted babysitters near them in moments! I’ve always loved children to bits since I was a child so throughout my childhood I had an inkling that I would end up in childcare somehow. I gained hands-on babysitting experience as well as experience in starting small businesses throughout my university years and so WeSit was born!

I hail from the best city on earth, Pretoria but currently reside in Cape Town. I have a keen interest in employment creation, poverty alleviation, people empowerment and agriculture.

Not one to sit still for too long, I am an avid adventure seeker who has long been bitten by the travel bug. I have my scuba diving certification under my belt and plan on obtaining my Private Pilots Licence as soon as possible. If you ever struggle to find me when I’m not working just look for the nearest adventure hotspot!

I have very sensitive skin so when it comes to skincare I keep things very simple to avoid any reactions so Daily Peach is right up my alley when it comes to face wipes thanks to it’s organic nature. As an outdoor adventure lover and someone who loves children it also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly so every time I use the wipes I’ll know that I’m not contributing to the degradation of the environment which we all need for many years and generations to come.

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