(Pre Order) Silver Green Sandalwood & French Vanilla Candle
(Pre Order) Silver Green Sandalwood & French Vanilla Candle

(Pre Order) Silver Green Sandalwood & French Vanilla Candle

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Our luxurious soy wax candles are the perfect addition to your self care routine or as a special gift. Sandalwood is both warm and soft, a subtle scent that wraps around you. Along with the sandalwood is the simplicity of French Vanilla, rich and buttery with gentle notes of caramel. The wooden wicks crackle gently, dancing as it burns through the soy wax.

Our jars and lids are bespoke, designed by us and crafted in Cape Town by a local potter. Please clean out and reuse your jar, we’ve made sure your Reusable Makeup Removal + Toning Pads will fit inside. Alternatively contact us about a refill.

Burn Best Practices

  • We suggest a 3-4 hour burn time so that the wax melts evenly, allow the melt to reach the edge of the container.
  • Allow the candle to completely cool before lighting. 
  • Trim the wick to 1cm and remove all wick trimmings from the jar
  • Place in a draft free area, if the candle is smoking it’s likely feeling a breeze and should be moved.
  • If your candle is still struggling to light or lights and doesn’t stay lit, wait until the candle is cooled and trim away some of the wax around the edges of the wick. 

Size: 6cm x 8.5cm

Ships December. Please note that when purchasing a pre-order piece, any currently available products in your Shopping Bag won’t be shipped until the pre-order is ready to be sent. If you’d prefer to receive any items sooner, we’d suggest placing a separate order.